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Naruto+Okami - Ookami Sasuke by gothicstargirl Naruto+Okami - Ookami Sasuke by gothicstargirl
Sasuke is more of a feline-type than canine, of course (canon supports this, as does some of the official merch XD), but that has nothing to do with the reason behind this picture!

Okami Sasuke began as the sudden curious thought of what Sasuke would look like if he was a god-wolf like Amaterasu. (Which is not even the most unusual thought I've ever had that has spawned a picture. The weirdest would be, err, the Silent Hill/Katamari Damacy crossover scribble.)

After some initial sketching in Photoshop and a few of those rare hours where I actually had the free time and inclination to do a digital painting, I ended up with this! I kinda want to draw another picture with his little black-and-white straight sword as a Divine Instrument. (I'd have to actually, uh, be good at drawing weapons though. orz)

And the very badly written (my sincerest apologies to any native speakers; if it's any comfort my English handwriting is just as bad) kanji in the background reads "ookami" (great god), though Wolfsuke is covering up part of the "kami" half. Bad boy, no tomato for you.
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
This is LOVELY, Star! :D
I'm so glad to see you post on dA again! :dance:
gothicstargirl Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
Eee, thank you~ :heart:

Heh, I can't say I'm glad to be back, but I really did miss uploading stuff easily. (Fill out a few form boxes, click "yes" and "I agree" and "no it's not pr0nz", browse for the file, then hit "submit" button. Poof! Everybody can see it now.)
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
Yeah, it's such a simple process...And now I can see yer purdy arts!!! :dance:
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