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August 7, 2010
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NARUTO - Not As Cool As Kabuto by gothicstargirl NARUTO - Not As Cool As Kabuto by gothicstargirl
Pixel fan art? Pixel NARUTO fan art? Of Kabuto? In his spoilery new appearance? OH NOOOOOO. D: (Or OH YEEEEES if you're me and actually still like the manga despite it so often being facepalmingly, eye-rollingly ridiculous. At least the bits where Sasuke is being an over-the-top, round-the-bend evil little jackass and Kabuto is all "HEY I'M ACTUALLY COOL NOW! RESPECT ME OR PERISH. >:D" are kinda interesting. I, uh, also have a bit of a ladycrush on Kushina, a.k.a. best ninja-mom EVER. :heart:)

All that aside, this was quite a fun experiment! I loved how the original sketch turned out, was quite pleased with the line art, and, I gotta say, I am rather proud of the finished product (for once.) :D I'm still learning/relearning pixel art in general, so obviously I could do lots better with practice, and there will be a day when I look back at this and hiss in utter revulsion--it may even be very soon!--but right now? Yeah, right now I'm pretty damn happy with my little sarcastiKabuto. *fistpump* GO TEAM ME! Yeah~

And yeah, Kaburochimaru would never be this sarcastic in the series proper (hell, non-Orochified Kabuto was never this snarky; he was at most mildly caustic in a calculating-insult kinda way), but I can dream. And draw. OOC is the best C! (...That makes a little bit of sense, I guess? Er.)

Photoshop CS4 all the way, start to finish, which took...several hours? I can't remember how many, especially since I did the line art a few days before the coloring.

Yakushi Kabuto Masashi Kishimoto and all other respective owners.
Art released under Creative Commons 3.0 license (I shouldn't have to do this, but I like to cover my bases just in case, so just let me know if you ever want to use this for anything and give credit where it's due.)
As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I was like "KABUTO!" lol I haven't been following the manga in...probably a year or two, but I could still recognize ol' Kabby! (Totally just made up his nickname...Kabby...Kabu-chan...Kabaramalamadingdong!!! :D I'm retarded...sorry...)
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