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Mokuba's Oiroke no Jutsu by gothicstargirl Mokuba's Oiroke no Jutsu by gothicstargirl
Yet another thing spawned from having too much free time. XD

Alright, first I should explain that the Japanese seiyuu--or voice actress--for Kaiba Mokuba in Yugioh is the same person who does Utsumaki Naruto's voice in Naruto. (Her name is Takeuchi Junko.)

Naruto and Mokuba sound exactly the same (which is how I found that out; we were watching the first episodes of Naruto at my anime club, and I thought "Hey, that's Mokuba's voice!"), and I got very, very, very bad thoughts when I first heard Naruto use "Oiroke no Jutsu"--otherwise known as Sexy Jutsu. XD

So, this little chibi-comic was born! I had the idea of Kaiba Seto sitting at his laptop, typing away, when Mokuba bounces in saying he's learned a new trick and he wants his brother to see. Seto says he's busy, and Mokuba begs him until he complies. He uses the Oiroke no Jutsu, freaks Seto out and gives him a nosebleed, and that's all she (I) wrote. XD

And, in case you can't see it, that little text at the bottom reads "passed out and nosebleeding" with a little arrow pointing at Seto (who does indeed have a nosebleed *grin*), and Mokuba's asking "Are you okay?"

Drawn with mechanical pencil in one of my notebooks (Becca-san, I'll bring it to anime club so the rest of you guys can see it!) Cleaned up, text added, AND colored in Paint Shop Pro 7. Found out if you lower the opacity of the paint brush tool it colors quite nicely. o^.^o (Still like Open Canvas better, though...)

(Legal Stuff) Yugioh and all things associated are copyright Kazuki Takahashi.
Naruto and all things associated are copyright Masashi Kishimoto.
Just thought it would be fun to smeesh the two together for a bit. X3 (/Legal Stuff)
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EmoLoboKitty Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Hinatababe2 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2006   Writer
*Cracks up laughing*Mokuba!Nice Trick!
Teach Yugi That! He'll kill your bro!
Bluemargay Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
20 minutes later

"Seto I have a problem I don't know how to change back"
aquaspirit96 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
OMG!I love it.Mokuba is so funny. :rofl: :lmao:
lil-kurama Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
:lmao: *points at mokuba* Kids and their silly fashions these days :lmao:
viciousSHADi Featured By Owner May 6, 2004   Traditional Artist
:lmao: Ohhhh, that is just classic-crazy-goodness. Methinks Seto should really consider spending less time with Compy 386 and more time with Mokuba! :lol: Really funny stuff, and the illustrations are nicely done too. :thumbsup:
DarknessEternal Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
*dies laughing; glomps and molests Mokuba* ^.^ Nice.
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
Bwahahahahaaa! XD
Super cute! That's funny how you found Naruto's voice actress so quickly...I need to look her up and see what else she does. :) This week's anime club will be super ultra fatasically fun because it's our rare 'Le Bad Anime Night'. I plan to bring some really cute anime to torture Darryl, Paul, Rob,...and just about everyone else there. XD
gothicstargirl Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
Well, I found a webpage that lists all the Japanese voice actors/actresses for Yugioh and a few other roles they've played. I looked at Junko Takeuchi's list and saw that she does indeed play Naruto. o^.^o (She's also done voices in HunterXHunter, Digimon, Himitsu no Akko-chan, and I think something called Photon...)

Ooh! Le Bad Anime Night? XD Sounds great! I can't wait, this is gonna be fun...and the uber-cute anime doesn't sound torturous to me! o^.^o (But that might be because I'm the mastah of cuteness. XD)
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
I looked her up and found that I haven't heard any of her other roles. :p I've heard of Photon and, of course, DiGiMon and YuGiOh, but I haven't heard the original Japanese dub for either. Ah well...
Yes! Le Bad Anime Night comes around once in a multi-colored moon, but it is sooo much fun. :D
Hmmm...Do you think you can handle the cheesy-ness and cuteness of...MERMAID MELODY PITCHI PITCHI PITCH?!?!? DUN DUNN DUNNNNN!!!
It's a cross between The Little Mermaid and Sailor Moon...oh yeah. I love it to death. XD And when the main characters know how they defeat their enemy? by singing!!! Yes! They are Mermaid Princess Super Hero IDOLS!!! KYAAA! :rofl:
*has had way too many peeps*
gothicstargirl Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
Seeing the original Japanese of Yugioh can be arranged! XD I have the first four box sets, episodes 1 - 120. (If anything just to let you hear how similar Mokuba and Naruto's voices are...images of Oiroke no Jutsu dance through my head~ XD)

Uber-cute and cheesy cross of Sailor Moon and Little Mermaid? *grin* That the best ya got? XD I can probably handle it, though I'll be giggling a lot. (And saying "That's so cuuuuute!" repeatedly, which will probably annoy the hell out of certain people. XD)
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004
Heheh...So what did you think of Mermaid Melody and Bottle Fairy last night? :D
gothicstargirl Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004
They were soooo cuuuuute! o^_^o I loved Bottle Fairies, that was just like pure sugar for my brain, heehee.
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004
Heheh...*huggles her icon* It's Kururu from Bottle Fairy. :D She and Sarara (grey-haired) are my favorites. Then comes Hororo (Dark-haired) and, last, Chiriri (blondie). :)
My brain is fried....but I have to get my hw done...*cries* :bye:
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March 29, 2004
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