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Markersperiments, Summer 2010 by gothicstargirl Markersperiments, Summer 2010 by gothicstargirl
Argh, I meant to post these almost two weeks ago! Summer laziness hit me full force and hasn't really gone away. :noes: In any case, these are (most of) the results of my playing around with Prismacolor markers, with the aid of PITT ink pens and ~magical~ white gel pen. They weren't all drawn on one page, but Photoshop fixed that pretty quickly. :D Obviously they're not the best of anything ever, especially since I made all but one of them before I got proper flesh-tone markers, but they can't be bad for a beginner, right? (...Err. Go easy on me, marker-gurus.)

Speaking of flesh tone--the guy up at the top called "Pumpkin" is indeed supposed to be have dark greyish skin! He's an OC from a story I'm slowwwly cooking up; an imp in human-shape, from a place where imps are grey with troll doll-like hair and at least one black symbol on their bodies. (They're also tiny and adorably ugly, but Pumpkin doesn't really enjoy looking like that, so he just makes himself look Tall, Dark, and what he thinks is Handsome. Like a fairy glamour, kinda.) His name is kinda silly, but there's a reason for that which would take way, waaay too long to explain.

The girl beneath Pumpkin is...a statue I think? I've completely forgotten what my original intention was with that drawing. :O_o: The shy-lookin' guy on the top right is just the result of wanting to see what I could do with layering colors, and also if I could make speckles. (I can, but it's hard. Damn bleedy markers.) The last of the bust quartet is Eluna; I've had her as an OC since I was about twelve, and she's pretty much always been a short-tempered werewolf lady with black hair and dark eyes.

The wolf is...well, just a wolf. It's fluffy~ And doing something. (Not quite play-bowing, but maybe lying down for a nap. Or getting up from one, not sure.)

...Also yes, my handwriting is really terrible when I'm writing fast with a tablet. D: It's all kinda unreadable, but the most important bit (i.e., copyright) is legible enough, so I'm not gonna worry too much about it.
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
I saw this yesterday and was SOOOO impressed!!! Your original characters are really, really awesome! Your style has changed SO much! Much more mature...I really love it! I'm glad you're able to work with markers and pens. I actually bought a set of Sepia PITT pens about 2-3 weeks ago...I used to draw pretty well with pens, but now it seems that I need to sketch before I ink, lol
Again, totally love this. :]
gothicstargirl Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
Haha, yeah, my art has really changed a lot over the past year or so. I've been trying to really branch out and get better at a lot of different styles as well as developing my own, and working on learning realism and anatomy at the same time. So much practicing to do! @0@;; Especially with pens and stuff, I'm still not all that great with them...

Speaking of which, I'm really impressed you could draw in ink without sketching! I never could, and all the tutorials and books I've ever read say to sketch first, no matter what the medium you're using. (I just make so many mistakes that I desperately need that eraser! XD) Anyway, thanks for the compliments, Bekka-nyan~ You're always awesome at encouragement. :heart:
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August 7, 2010
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