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August 10, 2010
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Legend of Mana - Pearl Repose by gothicstargirl Legend of Mana - Pearl Repose by gothicstargirl
More pixel fan art! I love drawing Pearl so much, she's so fluffy and adorable. <3 It's really hard for me to pick a favorite character from Legend of Mana--pretty much all of them are engaging in their own way (even Sir Jerkass Escad, whom I enjoy beating the tar out of every time the game lets me)--but I have a special fondness for Pearl. She's so shy and dedicated, I really identify with her the most. :3

Lineart was done in Pixen 3.0--it was one of the first freeware programs I got for my Mac before I bought Adobe CS4 oh student discounts, how I will soon miss you, and I remembered I had it lying around and decided to play with it a bit. It's really excellent for a freeware program, but I'm so used to Photoshop that I ended up switching to that for the coloring (which took about A BAJILLION HOURS. ...Okay, more like 4 or 5-ish, but it seemed so much longer because I was an idiot and forgot to take breaks. D: LEGS. SO STIFF. URGH.) Her core and the pearls were surprisingly the easiest part to color, as was her skin, but her hair and dress were endless. I think need to pick easier subjects than princesses with frilly-wrinkle dresses. D:

Pearl and Legend of Mana Square-Enix, formerly Squaresoft
Art released under Creative Commons license; just let me know beforehand if you want to use this for anything and credit appropriately and we're cool. :3
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Featured in my journal: [link] :)
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Lovely! :D
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This is absolutely beautiful! Great job!
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Aww she's adorable^^
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