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October 15, 2004
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Howling - YuGiOhArtists Entry by gothicstargirl Howling - YuGiOhArtists Entry by gothicstargirl
Contest entry for :iconyu-gi-ohartistsclub:'s Halloween contest! Heh, this is the first time I've been brave enough to send in a pic. XD

Anyway, the contest requirements were either a picture of Yugioh characters visiting haunted places, or a horror movie parody. I had to do a werewolf movie, of course. X3

So, here's my Yugioh version of The Howling, with the ever creepy werewolf!Yami no Malik as Eddy Quist (the loony pervert werewolf), and poor Mai as Terry Fisher (main character's best friend, who unfortunately gets munched.)

For those who either haven't seen the movie or don't remember the scene, they're in Dr. George Waggner's office, and Terry (Mai) was rifling through the file cabinet for files on Eddy Quist. Eddy (Yami no Malik) popped up from behind the cabinet and chased her around the office until finally catching and killing her.

I took a few artistic liberties of course, such as the background of the office (haven't seen the movie in several months so I couldn't remember anything but the file cabinet and the desk), Yami no Malik's position (Eddy just slipped out from behind the cabinet and grabbed the files away, but our dear Head-Explody Yami just had to be a nut and clamber over the top and grab Mai's arm), and where in the files Mai was looking (he's not "Quist, Eddy", he's "Ishtar, Malik"!)

I'm actually very proud of this picture, and I should be really, it took me five hours just to color! XD My favorites are Mai's jacket and Yami no Malik's fur. The filing cabinet could've been better (I can't draw straight lines for the life of me), and the background was rather last second, but overall I like it.

And the shadows? Took me forever. @_@ I did it all in Open Canvas 1.1, so there were no "drop shadow" filters or nothin'. I had to do it all by hand. *rubs her poor aching fingers*

"I'm gonna eat you~"
"Eeeek. ;____;"

(Legal Stuff)
Yu-Gi-Oh and all things associated are copyright Kazuki Takahashi.
The Howling is copyright MGM/United Artists.
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My-Oh-Mai Dec 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I can say i have actually seen this movie but it was so log ago! i was like eight and sick when i saw it, but what did i have nightmares about? Multiplication. Anywasy, lovely work
KittyRose Feb 14, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Nice work and great interpretation of the movie.
I love the howling. Best werewolf film ever made. Love the grin you've put on Quist there. Looks like he's saying "Looking for something sweetie?"
SilverEmerald-DAS Jan 18, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! :XD: *dies laughing* Now THAT'S funny!
yugiohlover22 Dec 21, 2004
:wow: Mai sure looks scared in this one. Poor girl, wonder who the werewolf is.....*Thinks it's Joey 'cause it's blonde-ish*
*blinks* Um, well, I said in the description it's Yami Malik...actually I do have a Jounouchi-werewolf, but he's much nicer. XD
yugiohlover22 Dec 22, 2004
That's Yami Merick? The blonde reminded me of Joey. Guess I musta missed it.
Heh, sometime soon I'll post a picture of my werewolf-Jounouchi (er, Joey? 4Kids names, aaah~), so there won't be any confusion next time. o^-^o
yugiohlover22 Dec 22, 2004
Joseph* ^-^' If you use his full american name, it sounds kinda classy. But Jounouchi is cuter (even though it is hard to spell right). *:glomp:s Jounouchi-kuns*
*nods* I also like the name Joseph, but they hardly ever use it in the show. *sulky* So I use Jounouchi instead. Eventually you get used to typing it. o^-^o (Plus, I adore hearing Yuugi say "Jounouchi-kuuun~" in the original version. So cute!)
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