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Blanket Tent, Keep Us Safe by gothicstargirl Blanket Tent, Keep Us Safe by gothicstargirl
Our tent was starting to fall down after a while. We didn't have poles or anything to hold it up, so big brother tied a big long string to a big safety pin and hung it from the ceiling fan. I was scared when the lights turned out, but my big brother just hugged me and said that he was here and he'd protect me from monsters. He petted my hair a lot and it made me sleepy. I guess I went to sleep after a while.

Big brother didn't say when mom and dad were coming home. They've been gone for a long time, and I think the lights went out because nobody paid the bills. I know the heat went out 'cause nobody paid the bill, so big brother made me wear my orange sweater and he got the biggest, warmest blanket in the house and wrapped me up in it so I wouldn't get cold. I'm not scared, because I know big brother will keep me safe. We'll find mom and dad and we'll be okay.

Technically this was created Oct. 17, just got around to uploading it now. It started out as just a sketch of two figures snuggling with some random lumpy shapes around them. After about eight straight hours of Photoshopification, it turned into two brothers snuggling in a blanket tent/pillow fort. The story kinda evolved after that.

How it ends: the mom and dad were actually kidnapped by pirates, and the brothers' uncle, a ninja, rescues them at sea with the help of his super-intelligent pet duck Wakku. The family is reunited and all the bills are paid, but every week the brothers still make pillow forts under blanket tents, and the big brother always protects his little brother from monsters. They live happily ever after. :aww: (You can make up a darker ending, but personally I prefer warm fuzzies. …And ninja uncles. And super-intelligent pet ducks.)
Neko-Yousei Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
I thought you had an excerpt from a book or something and drew a picture from that! XD
Very nice, Star! Those blankets look SO soft!!! X3
I really like this one!
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November 1, 2009
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